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U21 3MT® 2017 Competition

The University of Queensland’s Three Minute Thesis initiative at U21.

First developed by the University of Queensland in 2008, the Three Minute Thesis competition (3MT®) challenges research students to communicate the significance of their projects to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes.

logo Following a successful launch in 2013, the U21 3MT 2017 competition will pit the leading presenters from each U21 member university against one another. Each participating member will hold their own internal 3MT competition to select a local winner who will then be put forward for the U21gear final, to be judged by an international panel consisting of industry and academic professionals.

3MT provides research students with the opportunity to develop their academic, presentation, and research communication skills by explaining their research to an intelligent but non-specialist audience. The local competitions will challenge the students to present face-to-face, and additionally the virtual final will hone skills associated from being filmed for an international audience, receiving international peer review, and gaining skills surrounding the presentation of their research to a wider audience.

Not only will students benefit from this experience, but members have the opportunity to showcase their research and researchers throughout the network, as well as open doors to new collaborations and networks for both researchers and supervisors.

9 October 2017: Videos online and open the People’s Choice Vote

23 October 2017: People’s Choice Closes

31 October 2017: Winners announced

Follow the event and results at #U213MT

Entry #3MT_U2017115

The busy bees of our brain
Andrea Spinnler
University of Zurich

Entry #3MT_U2017124

Anaerobic digestion process stabilisation and in-situ upgrading of biogas using biochar
Samson Masebinu
University of Johannesburg

Entry #3MT_U2017116

Anti-consumption as a Driver to Achieve a Competitive Advantage in Firms – Case Studies from the Slow Fashion Movement
Miriam Seifert
University of Auckland

Entry #3MT_U2017117

Varroa destructor: The Curious Case of the Bee Mite's Bite 
Samuel Ramsey
University of Maryland

Entry #3MT_U2017112

Engineering of a SUPERHERO that fights cancer
Nihar Masurkar
National University of Singapore

Entry #3MT_U2017113

Acting FAST to Cure Stroke
Hannah Martin
University of Glasgow

Entry #3MT_U2017121

Keeping a Better Eye on Glaucoma
Jessica Tang
University of Melbourne

Entry #3MT_U2017111

Living with a Stranger?
Meryl Lewis
University of Birmingham

Entry #3MT_U2017127

Advanced Driver Monitoring for Assistance System
Javier Izquierdo-Reyes
Tecnologico de Monterrey

Entry #3MT_U2017118

Drones - gone with the wind
Edwin Davis
University of Queensland

Entry #3MT_U2017123

WEEE are Golden: metal recovery by solvent extraction 
Euan Doidge
University of Edinburgh

Entry #3MT_U2017122

You Go to Hong Kong for Me: Imagining Britain’s Chinese Colony
University of Hong Kong

Entry #3MT_U2017125

Biomarkers of Spinal Chord Injury
Seth Tigchelaar
University of British Columbia

Entry #3MT_U2017126

Novel optical nano-tags for better tumor imaging
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Entry #3MT_U2017114

The Depressing Internet: A Mechanism for Internet Addiction and Depression
Cristóbal Hernández
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Entry #3MT_U2017119

A Novel Solution to a Warty Problem: Ancient Viruses Can Help Us Find a Cane Toad Killer
Alice Russo
University of New South Wales

Entry #3MT_U2017120

Finding the foe: alarms for cancer
Afrakoma Afriyie-Asante
University of Nottingham

Follow us on on October 31 2017 for results.

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